Are Novelty Motorcycle Helmets Cover Illegal?

orange motorcycle helmet cover with text to right saying "Legal?"

Novelty motorcycle helmet covers provide motorcyclists with a fun way to accessorise their helmets, however some people may be concerned that wearing one is against the law. Across multiple States and Territories police departments have noted that motorcycle helmet covers can be legal but require several safety measure to take place.

Is there a specific law on motorcycle helmet covers?

There is no law in place that restricts motorcyclists from wearing novelty motorcycle helmet covers when riding their motorbike. However, there are still other safety concerns that apply:

  • Novelty motorcycle helmet covers are typically “one size fits all”, which means that the cover may not fit your helmet correctly as it won’t be made to fit any specific helmet model
  • Novelty motorcycle helmet covers have the potential to obstruct the wearer's vision through the visor while being worn.
  • Novelty motorcycle helmet covers may prevent the rider from properly securing the helmet correctly through the helmet buckle.
  • Novelty motorcycle helmet covers can potentially slip around or fall off when riding at high speeds.

Your helmet must be compliant with Australian safety regulations and standards. As motorcyclists are already at a greater risk when on the road, it is reasonable to doubt the legality of an accessory that may hinder the wearer unnecessarily.

Pros of wearing a novelty motorcycle helmet cover?

Novelty motorcycle helmet covers are great for special events, seasonal holidays or just changing things up on your next motorbike ride. Wearing a helmet cover also has some practical uses as well:

  • Protecting your helmet from getting scratched or chipped
  • Preventing dust from gathering in and on your helmet
  • Reducing wind noise when riding

Cons of wearing a novelty motorcycle helmet cover?

Here are some considerations to consider if you decide to wear a novelty helmet cover:

  • Adding additional material to your helmet can reduce your ability to hear surrounding noises so you do need to remain vigilant of your surroundings
  • Increased heat retention caused by poor ventilation. This is especially important when the weather is hot as excess sweat can obstruct your vision while riding. There is also the potential for heat related exhaustion, which can be extremely dangerous if you start to become dizzy or light headed during your ride.
  • Novelty helmet covers need to be carefully secured so they do not move while riding. At high speeds if incorrectly secured they may move around which can block your vision, or even slip right off your helmet. It is commonly recommended that you don’t use a novelty helmet cover if you intend on riding at high speeds.
  • If you are involved in an accident caused by your novelty helmet cover, you may be fined and your insurance may use this to void your insurance policy.


In Australia at the time of this article being written there is currently no specific laws targeting novelty helmet covers but they must be worn responsibly to ensure your safety when wearing one. Avoid wearing a helmet cover during hot weather or if you intend on riding at high speeds and make sure that it doesn’t obstruct your vision or slip around easily to stay safe on the road.

This article is general in nature and does not constitute legal advice so if you are unsure of the legality of wearing a novelty helmet in your area, contact your local police department and a legal professional who can direct you on any specific laws related to them. 

Once you’re sure that your helmet cover is safe to wear, don’t forget to have fun showing it off while riding!